In the far north of Sardinia, facing the Straits of Bonifacio amongst imposing granite cliffs

Located at the northern tip of Sardinia, Santa Teresa Gallura is situated on a promontory, in a natural harbour well-known since Roman times. White beaches, towering granite cliffs shaped by the wind – Santa Teresa has an incredible and varied landscape.
Originally known by the name of Longosardo, Santa Teresa Gallura has in fact been, since ancient times, an important trade centre with neighboring Corsica for the extraction of granite. The quarries of Capo Testa have provided granite for the Duomo of Pisa and, it is also said, for the Pantheon in Rome.
Today, Santa Teresa di Gallura has one of the best equipped marinas in Northern Sardinia , with about 700 berths that can accommodate boats of 30-35 metres.
From Capo Testa to the mythical Valley of the Moon , from the Roman quarries at Nuragic Lu Brandali , and even to the countless sports available – diving, surfing and sailing- Santa Teresa Gallura will surprise you every single day.