Discover the most beautiful Sardinia

Experience incredible archaeological sites or enjoy a day of diving, trekking and excursions among the islands of La Maddalena Archipelago and Corsica.

Wine tastings

The visit to Siddùra is an emotional tour that ends with the tasting of the line of wines produced in the valley that gives the name to the winery. The program is divided as follows: Guided tour in the vineyard: "with the mines in the earth"; Visit to the winery: "where the wine is born"; Tasting at the "Stazzo "

The Hospitality are available on Tuesdays and Fridays

*from 11:30 a.m. only by reservation (at least one day before)*Available on days other than those indicated for groups of at least 7 people (Saturday and Sunday closed)


For scuba diving enthusiasts but also for those who love to watch the seabed from the surface practicing snorkeling, Santa Teresa Gallura offers incredible scenery, unique in North Sardinia, thanks to the proximity of the Archipelago of La Maddalena, Corsica and Capo Testa. Along the coast you can admire the beautiful red coral, the rare black coral, the large brown groupers and exciting wrecks.

Excursion by bike

Every day you will have the opportunity to make fabulous excursions, with the possibility of choosing between road bike, trekking bike, E-Bike, Mountain Bike (Aluminum, Bi-Ammortizzata, Carbon) and Children's Bike, also are available different accessories. The excursions differ in difficulty, duration, and type of path, thus ensuring a lot of flexibility and ductility to be able to satisfy all customers. We indicate some of the excursions available: Tour of the Seven Beaches (duration 2-3 hours); Panoramas in Comparison (duration 2-4 hours); Through the Countryside (duration 3-5 hours)

Hiking on "Le Bocche"

The undisputed beauty of the beaches and the sea are accompanied by fantastic natural views, which only thanks to the professionalism and the special service provided by the best operators in the sector make it an unforgettable experience.

Excursion to the Archipelago of La Maddalena

Excursion to the Islands of Corsica

Mixed excursion (Sardinia / Corsica)


Every day except bad weather you can make fantastic mini cruises along the coast, the excursions have a duration ranging from 3 to 5 hours, our customers will be equipped with all the necessary equipment in order to have a safe and relaxing experience at the same time, so that they can identify with the nature that surrounds us.

Archaeological Sites

In Santa Teresa Gallura you can visit one of the most important archaeological complexes of North Sardinia. Located in Santa Reparata at the foot of a granite promontory, the site of Lu Brandali is composed of a nuraghe, a village, a tomb of the giants and a series of tombs, an incredible testimony of the Nuragic civilization.


There are numerous trekking routes to be taken every day, from the signposted route that winds around the hill of La Cuntessa to Capo Testa, where it is possible to visit the granite area around the lighthouse, the suggestive Cala Grande, also known as Valle della Luna (Moon Valley), and the Roman quarries. Another scenic area is Punta Falcone, the extreme northern end of Sardinia, where you can visit the Ferrero Battery dating back to World War II.

Guided Trekking

It's possible to make different types of paths suitable for all needs, from the easy ones along marked trails surrounded by greenery, to those a little more challenging with some light climbing on the rocks, with scenarios that allow direct contact with nature for a few hours you isolate from the civilized world, all accompanied by the professionalism of the tour guides during the tour accompany customers to discover the local flora and fauna, with various stops along the way which give the possibility of being able to swim in exclusive "Coves" and if you wish you can immortalize it all with beautiful panoramic photos.

Giro delle 5 Cale (duration 3 hours approx.); Tour of Capo Testa (duration 5 hours approx.)