In command of a Latin-sailed bastion, Michele Guida from Procida, sailed towards the north of Sardinia to buy food products from farmers and breeders, and then resell them to Neapolitan merchants. Due to a sudden storm, with a ruinous landing, he landed in Santa Teresa Gallura, where he will remain for the rest of his life. He later taught his children and grandchildren the trade of maritime merchant.


Finally, the nephews Antonio and Giuseppe managed to obtain a license for the itinerant trade by sea, between Sardinia, Liguria, Tuscany, Lazio and the port of Marseilles, where they brought alive, the delicious Sardinian lobsters.


When he was only seven years old, little Giuseppe, great-grandson of Michele, made his first sea voyage to Livorno. After several years at sea, he continued his experience with the Navy and on oil tankers, which took him to sail the Atlantic and even the Indian Ocean until he reached the Far East.


Giuseppe and his family obtained the commercial license of the bar, which was called "Bassa a Prua" (a maritime term), which in 1955 was transformed into Trattoria Marinara. In these years he devoted himself simultaneously to the trattoria and fishing until 1962


giuseppe, together with his wife Maria Grazia, began his adventure passing from commerce to tourism, with the opening of the Hotel Restaurant Marinara.The hotel being a family business has passed naturally to their sons, Nicola and Antonio with his wife Giovanna who in 1986 had a son to whom they gave the name of Giuseppe as per tradition.The hotel being a family business has passed naturally to their sons Antonio and Nicola


Today the hotel is run by Giuseppe (the third generation of hoteliers), with the fundamental help of his parents Antonio and Giovanna and his uncle Nicola. They have always been particularly attentive to all the needs of their clients and try to make the family experience come alive with useful advice for a stay to remember with a pleasant smile.

The photographs pertaining to 1840 and 1933 come from the historical archives of Santa Teresa Gallura, while the other photos are the property of the Hotel Marinaro.