Santa Teresa Gallura

In the extreme northern tip of Sardinia, overlooking the Strait of Bonifacio between imposing granite cliffs, Santa Teresa Gallura stands on a promontory, in a natural harbor known since Roman times. White beaches, imposing granite cliffs shaped by the wind, Santa Teresa boasts an incredible and varied territory

Originally called Longosardo, Santa Teresa Gallura has been an important centre of trade with nearby Corsica and of granite extraction since ancient times. The quarries of Capo Testa provided granite for the Cathedral of Pisa and, it is said, also for the Pantheon of Rome.

Today Santa Teresa di Gallura has one of the best equipped marinas in North Sardinia, with about 700 berths that can accommodate boats of 30-35 meters.From Capo Testa to the mythical Valley of the Moon, from the Roman quarries to the nuragic site of Lu Brandali, as well as countless sports, diving, surfing and sailing, Santa Teresa Gallura will surprise you every day.


White Rena

The closest beach to the center of Santa Teresa is La Rena Bianca, a name derived from its white sand. Protected from the wind by the peninsula of Municca and the islet of Municchedda, on clear days, from the beach you can also see the coast of Corsica.

Rena Di Ponente

The beautiful beaches of Rena di Ponente or Rena di Levante, located in the isthmus that divides Santa Teresa Gallura and Capo Testa. The charming Cala Grande or Valle della Luna, a fascinating amphitheater of rocks, granite, sea that give one of the most beautiful landscapes of Sardinia.

Cala Spinosa

Cala Spinosa is one of the most striking, and photographed from countless angles, which changes its colors during the day thanks to the particular backdrop.

La Marmorata

the beautiful La Marmorata beach, located in the northernmost part of the coast of Sardinia, at the foot of the Capo Falcone promontory


The evocative coves, among which the best known is a fascinating amphitheater of rocks called Cala Grande or Valle della Luna, Cala di l'Ea and Cala di Mezzu, offer one of the most beautiful landscapes and sunsets in Sardinia


Located below the lighthouse of Capo Testa, easily accessible by a short path is a paradise especially for those who love snorkeling.